Asana Vs Trello – A Detailed Comparison of the Best Project Management Tools for Startups

asana vs trello

It’s difficult to manage a team of people that is handling different projects at the same time. As a business owner and manager, you’re concerned about the productivity and efforts of your employees. You want to monitor the workflow of your employees with 100% detailed insights. It was never possible until the introduction of project management apps on the market.

These apps allow you to track an employee’s workflow remotely. There are several apps that are available on the market. Today, we will be giving you a comparison between the two top-notch project management apps: Asana and Trello.

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Both Asana and Trello have their unique features and benefits. Follow the comparison below and decide which project management app will best benefit you to collaborate with your employees.

Asana: Modern age choice


Asana is among the most popular task management software apps available on the market. This handy app was developed by former Facebook Executives Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein to manage Facebook’s internal coordination. After the success using the app in Facebook’s organization, they decided to launch it publically in 2011.

The developers were aiming to create a tool that can channel scattered information and unclear responsibilities. Also, they wanted a tool that reduces the enormous amount of time spent on manual task management.

Asana is the simplest app to use to perform task and project management. It replaces your regular communications through e-mails with its modern communication system.


asana features


Features of Asana are listed below:

  • Organize Tasks. Asana’s user interface allows you to organize tasks into three groups: Today, Later and Upcoming. You can highlight the most important tasks that need to be completed as top priority. This eliminates the need to arrange meetings to manage daily schedules.
  • Organizations and Workspaces. These are the two divisions inside the Asana platform. The Organization division is for the company employees who sign-up with their uniform company email account. On the other hand, Workspace is for people who sign-up with their personal emails. Teams are divided into these divisions to make communication easier.
  • In addition to the existing templates, you can create brand new templates that best suit your needs. Whether it is a checklist or a questionnaire, it’s not difficult to create templates to address a single employee or whole team regarding specific tasks.
  • Sections allow you to divide single tasks into groups in different ways. The popular groups are bug tracking and status reports. You can easily divide tasks into sections to best suit your organizational needs or purposes.


Asana offers you multiple integrations such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Usersnap
  • WordPress
  • Dropbox

You can integrate Asana with almost 500 applications through Zapier. Also, Asana offers you an open API that you can modify if you’re a developer.


  • Fantastic Email Integration
  • No credit card required for a free trial
  • Add more than one tag to each item
  • Personal tasks view to see the tasks assigned to you in one place.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Amazing system to following your tasks
  • Color code the most important tasks
  • Free for up to 15 users
  • Fantastic list of management features

Trello: Making Collaboration Easy

trello board

Trello task management app uses the Kanban system, developed by Toyota, to help you organize your tasks. Kanban is just like a billboard or a signboard that helps keep production levels high.

Trello is like a whiteboard filled with sticky-notes. Each of the sticky notes represents your daily task list or ongoing tasks. In short, it is an alternative to different spreadsheets combined in one app.

Unlike Asana, Trello is a free, flexible and visual way to organize your tasks with your team.

Trello is a basic project management app that is used to collaborate with employees or teams. You can tag sticky-notes, add people to boards and create alerts. But, there’s no way to address an individual member and no way to communicate. You may need another free software or live-chat software to communicate with your employees.


Features of Trello are listed below:

  • The Whiteboard is where you post the ongoing tasks for the team to read and follow. You just need to instruct your team to read the whiteboard.
  • Through lists, you can divide the board into sub-categories. A list represents a process or a stage, whether past or ongoing.
  • The Card is the most basic and crucial part of the app. A Card covers a particular part of a project like work delivery, task completion, etc. It’s just a blog post where you can add text, images, videos, checklists and assign a deadline to employees. The Card continues during the whole process of an ongoing project and ends when the job’s done.


Trello offers you a few integrations that include:

  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Github

Slack is team chat software with a beautiful interface. Since, Trello doesn’t offer any communication system within their application, you can integrate Slack that covers the communication part for the business owners and managers with their employees.



  • iPhone and Android app
  • Real-time collaboration
  • The free plan is incredibly good (Paid version offers Husky stickers that aren’t worth your money)
  • Simple layout with simple instructions
  • No user limit (Invite as many employees as needed to Trello)
  • No Credit card needed for sign-up
  • Trello backs up your data
  • Use unlimited cards

Final Thoughts

Trello is a great app for a small or medium business while Asana is perfect for enterprise level businesses. Trello is easy-to-use and offers simple task-lists. On the other hand, Asana offers multiple options through which you can manage your complex projects or tasks.

When you have to manage more people collaborating on a bigger project, Asana can easily cope with it. Trello is good for a small team or a few employees.

At the end, you must accept the fact that management is a complex and difficult job. Approach your employees in a positive manner and try to use their energy in the right direction.

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