DreamHost vs HostGator – Which is A Better Web Hosting Company?


If you’re looking to find the best web hosting service to launch your brand new website, look no further as we have reviewed and compared two of the best web hosting services in the tech industry. In this article you will get to know about DreamHost and HostGator.  Both of the web hosting service providers will give you industry leading storage along with an affordable price.

Below we give you some information about the comparison, features, performance and pricing which will assist you in making the right decision. 


Founded back in 2002, HostGator currently has over 9 million websites hosted on their servers, according to INC magazine. 

Features: HostGator features a cPanel as their main control panel which is a user-friendly interface. We have personally reviewed the YouTube help tutorials which assist anyone, even those with little tech knowledge, in using the cPanel.  

Customer support: HostGator serves their customer 24/7, 365 days a year. You can contact them by telephone, live chat and through a ticket system. The quickest method to contact them is by telephone and live chat. They respond to tickets within 10 hours.

Performance: Their servers are located at Dallas. They use the leading Dual Xeon servers which assures uninterrupted lightning fast data transmission.

Pricing: HostGator offer three shared hosting plans including the Hatchling Plan (the cheapest), the Baby Plan and the Business Plan. The Hatchling Plan comes at a very low rate of $3.95/mo, but allows you to host only a single domain. The Baby plan offers all necessary features and comes at a price of $4.95/mo. This would be the best choice if you want to host multiple sites. HostGator allows you to pay monthly, half yearly and yearly.


DreamHost, one of the most popular web hosting service providers, is located in Los Angeles US.  It was founded by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil. It has grown into a pioneer in providing web hosting service. 

Features: DreamHost has their own custom made web-based control panel. Although cPanel software is used by most of the web hosting service companies, you might have to learn to use DreamHost’s control panel if you have previously used cPanel. 

Customer Support: If you pay a small fee per month with your monthly subscription fees, you will get a member of customer support team assigned to call you every month regarding user experiences. Also free live chat support is available any time. They don’t have telephone service like HostGator.

Performance: DreamHost use power-efficient AMD processors to host their customers’ websites. Dedicated servers on DreamHost include dual-core and quad-core processor options.

Pricing: DreamHost has a single hosting plan of $8.95 per month by subscribing to annual payment. 

Benchmark: HostGator loaded in just 1.70 seconds, DreamHost took 2.39 seconds to load. 

Winner: HostGator, as it has better page score and faster page loading time

Speed Test: HostGator loaded faster whereas DreamHost took 1.25 seconds to load.

Once again, the winner is HostGator.



Both of the companies that we reviewed are industry leading companies used by millions of websites and organizations. You may wish to read our other blog where we reviewed the Top 10 Best Web Hosting, click here

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