Evernote vs SOHO Notes: Which one would you choose?

The world is being driven by data. As a matter of fact, we all are playing our roles to convert our lifestyle and habits in tiny forms of data. You can take Facebook as a good example of how each and everyone of us put our time, our personal expressions, thoughts and judgments etc. into two line sentences of status updates and publish on the web. 

The days are gone when our desks were packed with files which would resemble a small version of Mount Everest and our white-boards all covered up with lists of ‘to-do’ and sticky notes. We all must agree to one simple fact: that technology is moving forward with inventions and updates.

Our PDAs are our navigators which work like a compass, our laptops are our virtual world which create a new dimension for us to live in.

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To make life easier, I have adapted to lots of changes. I use smart note-taking applications that are readily available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play. You can find different types of note taking apps on the marketplaces; all specializing with updated features, outsmarting each other. Today I am going to share reviews with you about two of my favorite note-taking apps: Evernote vs SOHO Notes.

So let’s get started!


  1. With Evernote, users can put documents, images and audio clips into one assorted folder on the home screen for quick access. Evernote lets you create separate ‘tags’ for individual notes, which is good for categorizing notes and for quick search later.
  2. Evernote allows you to create a text note, an audio note, speech-to-text, photo attached notes etc. It also allows you to add audio notes to text notes.
  3. Create bullet points, numbered lists, bold, italicize, underline text, attach any file type to a note, draw and attach hand drawings, arrange notes into notebooks, sort notes by the geographic location in which the notes were taken and so on.
  4. In Evernote, user are offered amazing widgets that are visually beautiful and effective at the same time. You get quick access to creating new text notes, audio notes, add pictures and search features. The widget allows users to search documents and view recent notes as well.
  5. Evernote has a smart OCR functionality which helps users take notes directly from a notebook and turn it into a text note inside the app. The feature is named as ‘page camera’ supported by both iOS and Android.
  6. Speech-to-text feature is available in Evernote which allows faster note-taking advantages.

SOHO Notes

SOHO Notess is the premier digital note-taking application for Mac. Use it to capture, organize, and share all of your personal and workgroup information. Store rich text, PDFs, images, files, movies, audio, bookmarks, and Web archives. Synchronize notes between multiple computers, iPods, and Palm handhelds.

  1. Easily sort by date, last modified or title in Soho Notes. Similarly, share it via e-mail and other extensions easily.
  2. Soho Notes has a Smart Folders  feature that lets you collect all your files into one single folder, such as audio, movies or web archives.
  3. Flashnote feature is incredibly useful as it shows you the note files in a dropdown box directly from the search bar.
  4. Docknote extension comes with SOHO Notes which stays at the side of your desktop. This allows you to browse for contents without opening the app.
  5. Use hotkey (Option+Command+Return) to open a new window from anywhere within the app to create a new note. This feature is called Quick Note and often times I find it really fast and helpful.



The design of SOHO Notes is a bit outdated compared to Evernote. However, it lets you take notes faster from the desktop without the need to launch the app. Brilliant features which are constantly updating means faster workflow. Evernote is amazing for adding extensions and customization. It also provides a decent enterprise integration capability for complex note-taking.

SOHO Notes offer users a 30 day free trial period and if you’re satisfied then you can buy it for only $39.99 only.

Would you use SOHO Notes for your Mac? Is it worth the price tag? What are your favorite note-taking apps? Let us know all of these in the comments below.

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