How to Find Investors For My Startup Using AngelList


If you are thinking about a business startup, you will need capital for startup expenses such as product development, office setup, and so on. You can raise money by yourself or ask your friends to help you with it. But if you don’t have many rich friends who are eager to help, the best way to raise capital is to go online and find an angel investor.

The good news is that finding angels for your business has never been this easy, thanks to AngelList, which connects startups with angels.

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AngelList, in addition to finding investors, can also help you with finding a startup job. You can also post a startup job on this website. These are three possible things you can do with AngelList

1. Post a startup job

Using AngelList, you can reach more than 900,000 active candidates who are looking for a startup job on AngelList. You can post a job free of cost. Interviewing and hiring candidates is also free on AngelList. As of now, more than 4,000 companies have recruited using Angel List.

Angel List ensures that you only meet with high-quality candidates to help you hire quickly and efficiently.

2. Find a startup job


At any time, you could see over 1,000 jobs posted on AngelList. You can apply privately so your current boss won’t find out, and you can see a salary before you request more information about a job. AngelList doesn’t allow recruiters to work as middlemen, so you will always be talking directly to the startup.

The website lists different categories for job seekers such as accounting, administrative support, coaching and mentoring, event planning, food and catering, customer service, marketing, design, legal, human resources, information technology, real estate, sales, writing, recruiting, and software and web development.

So, if you have skills in any of these categories and you want to work with a rapid-growing startup backed by AngelList, sign up today with AngelList.

3. Find an investor

It’s a 3-step procedure. Go to and register your startup. Now, from the list of angel investors, pick the investors that would see your startup. Share your startup with them.

Wait for investors to see your profile. They will email you if they like your startup and want to invest in it.

How can startups benefit from Angel List?

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Startups can benefit a great deal by opening their doors to online investors. AngelList is the game changer as it connects startups with angels and improves their visibility. Many active all-star investors will look at your startup when you add it to AngelList.

AngelList uses a syndicate system where a syndicate represents a VC fund. This fund is created with the purpose of making a single investment. Experienced and top investors lead every syndicate at AngelList.

Many popular startups such as Uber taxi service and Urbansitter (babysitting job site) have already expanded into global businesses by using investors from AngelList. Similarly, a food delivery company raised a whopping $500,000 in just a single day on the AngelList website.

Apart from seeking investors, startups can also recruit using AngelList. Recruiting, just like closing a deal with investors, is quick and highly rewarding. You can find skilled employment from top talent in the country who is interested in growing with a startup.

AngelList doesn’t charge a penny for posting a startup job. You can save time and join hands with other 4,000 companies that use AngelList to find high-quality candidates.

Last but not the least, you can also use AngelList to find a job with a startup. It is easier to get hired on AngelList with over 16K companies looking for talented programmers, designers, engineers, and so on. Popular companies such as Medium, Yelp, and Tinder use this website for hiring talented staff.

Success Stories


AngelList has been helping startups for a few years now. The company has helped Uber, TransferWise, Beepi, and many other startups that have turned into big businesses. Read some success stories below and see how AL could help you.


TransferWise is a company that allows people send money abroad. The unique thing about the money transfer company is the cost of transfer which is incredibly low. This company used AngelList to find investors.


Beepi is another business that raised investments from investors on AngelList. The company is an online peer-to-peer marketplace where one can buy and sell used cars using a smartphone. Even the transactions are carried out using the phone.


This company provides shipping solution so that people can ship anything, anywhere in the world. This company also raised money from AngelList.


Uber is a taxi service that raised its funding from AngelList investors. It’s probably the biggest AngelList success story.


This collaboration service helps businesses collaborate with other businesses and clients. This unique startup also received its funding from AngelList.


Mattermark offers opportunities for a business to find the right deal using a new technology called ‘deal intelligence.’ This startup has used AngelList to raise early investments.


This online pharmacy not only delivers medicine at home, but it also reminds people so that they always take their medication on time. This unique online venture also received its funding from AngelList.


This business helps people find accommodations quickly. It allows tenants to pay rent using a credit card. This startup also used AngelList to raise funds.


Breeze is another fast-growing startup that uses angels from AngelList to raise investments. The company leases personal hybrid cars.


If you are a startup and you are looking for advice, go to AngelList and explore. It’s a great place where you can connect with investors and raise capital for your startup. With so many success stories and such a large sum of money raised during the last few years, AngelList is definitely the first place for startups to find investors.


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