HubStaff Vs Focus Booster, which is a Better Software to Track Time?

focus booster vs hubstaff

Hub staff

Hub staff is a popular time tracking app designed to provide options to businesses and organizations to effectively manage their workflow and productivity. The Hub staff provides you the proof of work by taking screenshots at random intervals and tracking mouse & keyboard activity. The best thing about Hub staff is that it allows you to set your budget along with working hours.

More than 8000 organizations now rely on Hub staff to manage their day-to-day tasks and remote teams. No matter how many staff members you have; you can easily add them to one group and regulate the work by setting permissions for individuals and the entire team.



The notable features of Hub staff are as below:

Budgets and Time Limits

As a business owner or a manager, you can easily set time limits and define the budget for individuals or an entire team. When you set time limit, the system will automatically prevent the individuals from exceeding it. You can also manage the weekly time limits and budgets as well.

Automatic Payroll

With the automatic payroll, you don’t have to worry about transferring salaries to each of your staff members manually. You get several options to select pay period such as bi-monthly, weekly, twice a week or monthly. Automatic payroll will automatically pay your employees as per the time limits you set.

URL & Application Monitoring

Along with time tracking, you can now keep a track of your employee’s activities. You can easily see what application is being used at the moment or what URL is being browsed. It’s simply amazing when you really want to evaluate the dependability of your employees.

Advanced Reporting

With the advanced reporting feature, you will always be updated about how much time each employee has spent on a specific project or task. You can also export the reports into multiple formats that allow you to take the data outside of Hub staff.

Advanced API

You can also access the powerful API of Hub staff. If you have developers available in your company then you can build your own custom solutions that best suits your business needs.



Hub staff is offered to you in three different packages or pricing plans. Read on.

  1. Solo Lite – Free: This package comes with the basic time tracking features including limited screenshot storage and activity levels. Solo Lite supports 1 user access.
  2. Basic: This package is available in $5 per user per month that offers you features like time tracking, employee payments, unlimited screenshots, per user settings, keyboard and mouse activity, and 24/7 support. If you have a team of up to 50 employees then it’s the package you must purchase.
  3. Premium: This package is available in $9 per user per month that offers you all features of the basic Other features include App & URL tracking, attendance scheduling, automatic payroll, idle time control, weekly budgets and idle time control.

Focus Booster

 focus booster

First developed in 2010, Focus Booster app helps you in maintaining focus and increasing productivity.  The app works according to Pomodoro technique and provides a business with a useful tool for their employees to easily do time tracking. Originally, the app was a focus booster but now, it’s an app that provides you multiple options like session logging, time tracking system, reporting system and project management.

Now, the product is downloaded by 500 people around the world every day. Focus Booster is dedicated to providing you with a complete organizational tool along with the ability to invoice clients using Pomodoro session data.


Focus Booster has some really unique features that you would want to know:

Pomodoro Timer

Using the Pomodoro technology, a timer is created that will give short breaks to your employees in case they’re stuck on something. It’s important to freshen up your mind in such cases by taking a short break and back to work. It really increases effectiveness.

Time Tracking

With the time tracking feature, you don’t have to worry about maintaining time sheets for your employees. Focus Booster can automatically track time through which you can easily evaluate your employee’s productivity.


Backboards give you an insight of all your activities and how productive you were doing any certain task.


You can customize so many things according to your workflows like session length and notification preferences. These features work so well when you have to make any changes to set instructions given already to your team.

Mini Timer

Mini Timer runs on top showing the time left for next break. This feature will let businesses manage the work given to their employees within their breaks and find out the productivity.


This feature allows you to view your reports and search them by date, client or label. It’s best when you want your employees to analyze the work they do.


You can get the app for not only your desktop but it also supports MAC.


As soon a task is completed, the feature allows to export the report or assignment into CSV and send to the manager.


 focus booster

There are three different versions of Focus Booster that includes:

  1. Free: The free version is best for learning about the app in which you get to add 20 Pomodoro session per month in the free version. Also, you get the basic features like Pomodoro timer, reporting and time tracking.
  2. Individual: This premium version offers you some of the advanced features that include 200 Pomodoro sessions per month, data export, time tracking, Pomodoro timer, and reporting. It’s best for individuals, students, and freelancers. You can get it in as low as $3.
  3. Professional: This version is available to you in just $5 in which you can have unlimited Pomodoro sessions, time tracking, clients, Pomodoro timer, revenue, data export and reporting.


Both applications are the market leaders in time tracking and activity logging. However, each one of them has their unique benefits and drawbacks. According to Freelancer Bundle, Focus Booster is only limited to time tracking and how an employee’s time can be turned into productiveness. On the other hand, Hub staff offers you advanced administration options through which you can not only monitor your employee’s activities but also you don’t have to worry about productivity and pay transfers.

But, Pomodoro strategy of Focus Booster allows your employees to work comfortably and freely. You are not going to find any such option for your employees while using Hub staff. So, if you’re not sure about what to choose, you can try the free versions. It will help you choose the option which best suits your business needs.

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