ProsperWorks Vs Zoho – A Brief Comparison

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Zoho CRM and ProsperWorks are the market-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software programs available on the market. Let us give you an insight into the key features so you can easily make a comparison and choose the CRM that best suits your business needs.

Both of these software programs have similar features that any CRM software would offer. We won’t be discussing those; instead, we will focus on unique features and benefits.

The below-mentioned points are going to be helpful for you:


ProsperWorks VS Zoho CRM
Available Bulk Email Sending Available
Available Track Email Opens Available
Not Available Customer Portal Available
Not Available Calls Automatically Tracked Not Available
Available Email Templates Not Available
Not Available Track Email Link Clicks Not Available
Not Available Task Management Available
Available Interaction Tracking Available
Available Calendar Management Available
Not Available E-Commerce Integration Available
Available 2-Way Email Integration Available
Available Contacts, Leads & Opportunities Available




ProsperWorks – Unique Benefits Zoho CRM – Unique Benefits
Instant Access to your Pipeline

·         It’s quite easy to manage your workflow by having all the deals in one place so you can quickly view them and explore the opportunities

·         No need to arrange official staff meetings. Instead, you can update the statuses on Pipeline and get instant feedback from your employees

·         Displays 5-level sequence of every deal and makes it easier for everyone to figure out the stage of a closing process

Customize your Deal Sequence

·         Allows you to add seven levels of deal sequence

·         Easy to know why a deal was canceled and optimizes your sales process to prevent further losses

Insight of your Contacts

·         Develop complete profiles of your customers/prospects and pending deals.

·         Access any deal’s history, contact details, and customer-related files in one place.

·         Managers can leave feedback for the sales team after skimming the pending deals to help close more deals and avoid deal loss.

·         Add deal-related notes to contacts, so the sales teams don’t scramble around.

Figure out new tasks

·         ProsperWork’s Task Center allows managers to update the scheduled tasks, so the sales team is completely aware of what to do next.

·         Assign tasks to any individual in a team

·         With Task Center, you can get last-minute feedback before closing any deal.

Sell Faster

·         You can view a filtered list of sales and prospects that are valuable to your business which allows you to improve your sales


Track your Sales Activities

·         Get access to your buying cycle in a single window.

·         Improve your sales efforts according to your business strategies and objectives.


Improves Productivity

·         Zoho CRM manages your day-to-day business activities and tasks so that you can focus on increasing your business’s sales and not on maintaining data.


Create Custom Fields

·         Zoho CRM has 15 modules that are designed in a way that allows you to organize subsets of information.

·         You can even add customer fields and customize your forms according to your company’s needs.


Connect with your Customers

·         It’s easy to contact your customer no matter where you are. Communicate and engage with your clients via Email, Chat, and Phone within your CRM portal.




ProsperWorks Zoho CRM
·         Evernote

·         Quickbooks

·         LinkedIn

·         Google Apps

·         Twitter

·         Facebook

·         Google Apps

·         Evernote

·         eBay



ProsperWorks Zoho CRM

ProsperWorks Basic Plan: $19 per month

Professional Plan: $49 per month

ProsperWorks Business Plan: $119 per month


Offers Free Trial?          Yes

(Doesn’t offer a free edition)


Standard Edition: $12 per user per month

Professional Edition: $20 per user per month

Enterprise Edition: $35 per user per month

CRM Plus: $50 per user per month

Offers Free Trial?                 No

(But offers a free edition that supports up to 3 users and 5,000 records. Suitable for freelancers)


Both of these programs are cloud-based, and you can run them on Windows and Apple devices. Installation of ProsperWorks is quite easy and doesn’t require the help of a tech-savvy professional to install. The installation and integration aren’t time-consuming!

On the other hand, Zoho CRM is harder to setup and requires the assistance of a Tech Consultant. You can’t just do it yourself!

CRM comparison

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Compare the points mentioned above and choose the CRM that best suits your business needs. Though both CRM companies offer how-to-get-started tutorials, if you’re not tech savvy, you might want to go with ProsperWorks as it’s simple to use.

If you’ve used CRM software before and you’re quite comfortable with them, then the award-winning Zoho CRM should be your top choice as it offers you advanced level features and a powerful web-based portal.

Also, if you compare prices, ProsperWorks is more reasonably priced than the Zoho CRM. So, if you don’t want to invest much in CRM software and still want a top-notch software, ProsperWorks is the probably the right option for you.

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