Rescue Time vs Toggl – A Detailed Comparison

toggl vs rescuetime

Time tracking is important no matter if you’re working for a big business or if you’re self-employed. Time dictates your working hours, how long you stay within your social circle, when you eat, when you sleep or get up, etc. So, when working, it’s important to make the best use of your time.

To cope with time management, people started using calendar apps in the beginning. Later, these got replaced with time-tracking and monitoring applications. The time tracking apps have made the job easier for managers and business owners.

Time tracking apps allow you to track time, tag projects, view reports and export to different formats. Almost every time tracking application provides you with the basic features, but it gets difficult to find one that is suitable for your business.

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Here, we will give you a comparison between two top of the line time tracking applications. RescueTime and Toggl are both popular and used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Read the details below:

Rescue Time



RescueTime is a leading time management application that provides you with top of the line features. Initially, the company was funded by YCombinator in early 2008. In September 2008, RescueTime becomes a big business providing time management solutions to thousands of businesses and individuals.

What stands out about the product among other competitors is the automatic time tracking ability. People who use such products every day often forget to turn on the timer when they work and all their time spent goes unpaid.

In addition to this, RescueTime helps you to categorize websites as either productive or distracting; giving you the ability to be more productive. It’s not hard to find your productive areas, and this is going to reduce your time consumption on each activity.

As a business owner, the app allows you to block certain websites to restrict your employees time spent on irrelevant activities online.  Though this feature is only available for the premium subscription, it’s giving you the ability to control web surfing. You can also track the time spent on a particular website by any user registered on the application.


  • Detailed Reports: You can view the details of time spent on different websites and applications. Detailed reports also show you how productive you were by showing you the time spent on different categories. The main purpose of “Detailed Reports” is to help the users evaluate and improve their productivity.
  • Email Summary: You can receive a summary of your work report every week. It contains a summary of your work activities and presents you a score of your productivity.
  • Offline Activity Tracking: This feature helps you to keep track of your time that can’t be logged automatically. You can log offline times for phone calls, breaks, meetings and training sessions.
  • Notifications: It’s hard to keep track of all your meetings, presentations, calling the clients, etc. You can create alerts to notify you about all the important things. Now, it’s not necessary to use a notepad or any other application for the alerts.
  • Block Websites: You can not only block the websites but you can also choose an amount of time spent on any website with this feature. With RescueTime, distracting websites aren’t a problem anymore for business owners and managers.
  • Set your daily goals: Just input all the details of your goals and set the activity. RescueTime will show you your progress on the dashboard and provide you required information of how to be more productive.


rescuetime plans pricing

The product is available in two pricing packages:

  • RescueTime Lite
  • RescueTime Premium

RescueTime Lite is available for free with all the basic features of time tracking.  On the other hand, RescueTime premium is available for $9 per month and $72 per year with all the advanced time tracking features that will make you and your team productive. If you buy the annual premium subscription, you can also get 4 months free.


toggl time tracker


Due to its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, Toggl is becoming a top choice of freelancers around the world. Toggl gives you all the wonderful features you need for a great time tracking experience.

You can tag time entries for group activities like adding notes for multiple clients or projects. The app will help you to determine if you can bill your client for a specific task. You also can view your reports in a clean easy-to-read view. You can bookmark reports, add filters to your results, and export your reports to PDF, CSV or XLS.

Desktop and mobile apps are available for convenient time tracking. You can start, pause and stop the tracker from either of the versions. Today View added on the iOS version enables Apple users to track their time.

The powerful desktop application allows you to monitor your browsing activities, keyword tracking, idle time tracking and even uses reminders. RescueTime becomes your time tracking pal when you’re using your computer. The automatic and painless time tracking allows you to focus on other ideas like improving your business and getting more clients.


  • One-Click Time Tracking: You can do time tracking in real-time with Toggl. The app gives you the ability to enter time later in case you forget to turn the timer on. Mark your projects or tasks as “billable” through One-Click time tracking feature.
  • Easy-to-Use: Toggl is developed for teams. It’s easy to set up a team because of its easy-to-use interface. The best thing is that you don’t need any training to start using it.
  • Transparent Billing: Toggl provides you an overview of your billable time by evaluating your team progress. You can also create a timesheet and export it into different formats, print and e-mail to your managers and clients.
  • User Groups: You can divide teams into different users groups which help the companies with multiple teams and departments. This feature is a relief for managers.


toggl pricing plans

Toggl is available in three pricing plans:

  • Business
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus

With $10 per month per user, Pro plan is the cheapest. This plan is designed to enhance efficiency and increase the productivity of small businesses or individuals. Pro Plus is for the small-medium business. It’s available for $20 per month per user. A business plan is expensive and yet provides you unlimited access and projects. It’s available for $59 per month per user.

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