Teux Deux vs Remember The Milk: Which is a Better Software to Make To-Do-Lists?

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Today, in our modern life, technology has enabled all of us to get things done faster and in smarter ways than in traditional days. From one touch access to taxi bookings, getting our laundry done, and ordering our favorite food, all of life’s important stuff can now be found online with a single click. This is largely due to the technological infrastructure that’s been rapidly expanding since the 2000’s.

In those old days, my primary school teacher used to tell me, “Write down all of your homework in your notebook so that you don’t forget it later”. I always remember this, but I certainly have found a better way to do it, which not only helps me to keep track of my to-do list but also reminds me to finish these tasks.

Most of us find it difficult to organize our daily routines, with meetings and schedules which make us fall behind in life’s marathon. I would like to share with you about the two amazing task-handling or ‘To-do list’ apps that have really helped me get things done everyday in a systematic way. Not only do my friends love that I remember their birthdays and anniversaries all the time, but also my business clients are now impressed with my work ethic and my being able to deliver their tasks on time.

So, Let’s start with:


  1. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk was founded in 2004, inspired by Gmail, which was launched earlier that year. Two Australians, Omar Kilani (co-founder and software engineer) and Emily Boyd(co-founder and designer) built the app to put an end to their own disorganization. It was launched in 2005 and has been successfully able to reach 3.5 million users since as reported on March 2013 by the company.

With no funky graphics or animation, Remember The Milk retains its fast and lean response to task management. It lets you add your tasks and organize them in a list, add due dates, and set independent reminders and locations to keep everything in one place. You can enable push notifications as well as email notifications for task due dates. Integrating Remember the Milk with Google Calendar, Gmail and Outlook is very easy and helps you see all your tasks from wherever you are. The app homepage shows you the tasks that you need to do today, tomorrow and your overdue tasks. It supports excellent cross-platform extensions such as iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems.

Remember The Milk also offers its users some advanced features such as adding a task directly via email, share-ability with teams, automation via Twitter, syncing with Evernote, location-based task notifications, support of ‘start’ dates of individual tasks, adding the duration of tasks and so on.

There are a few cons attached to it as well. Some of them are:

-No Subtask feature in the free version

-It does not support uploading attachments such as pictures/videos into the tasks

-Cannot add tasks info into the notification bar

Apart from all that, Remember The Milk has secured a place in my heart and so far I find it really easy to use and quite efficient.

The app is free to download for those with a Remember The Milk Pro account. Pro accounts are only $39.99 per year, and give you access to Milk Sync for Microsoft Outlook and more awesome features. You can learn more about Pro accounts and upgrades on their site. Find out more about the pricing here.

  1. Teux Deux

First of all, I need to clear up the pronunciation of the name; it is pronounced as ‘to do’. The name says it all, doesn’t it?

Founded in 2009, Teux Deux is built with the collaboration and effort of two companies: Swissmiss and Fictive Kin. It can be used on the Web and on iOS systems only. It has a mobile website version which anyone can use for free. Teux Deux hasn’t got an official release date for Google Android yet.


Fast and easy to use interface

Teux Deux has a fast and easy-to-use interface. On the desktop, all tasks are assigned in a single line which, when hovered over with the cursor, provides users with a description of the task. With a simple double-click, tasks or events can be edited and re-arranged with drag and drop supportability.

The UI supports web-formatting, meaning you can easily format the words to italic or bold by putting a single asterisk (*) around words or phrases, and bold can be done by using two (**) before and after the phrase you want to be bold.

Very focused, says what it does best!

The primary focus of this app is to help you get your to-do list done. There is a calendar view, however your tasks aren’t organized by time – just in order. You can reorder the day’s events, and if you don’t get them done, they will automatically roll over into the next day, so you can be sure that you aren’t ever missing anything.

Teux Deux isn’t packed with as many advanced features as Remember The Milk, but it gets all your tasks in order for the whole week. It has reminders and a task rolls over to the next day if it’s left incomplete, making sure you never miss out on any task, ever!

Teux Deux is a pretty simple and light-weight app that is easy and fun to use with a good design. The only notable drawback of this app would be that it still doesn’t support Android operating systems.

The believer plan is just $2 a month, paid yearly. The skeptic plan is $3 a month, paid monthly. You can find out more here: Pricing


On one hand, we have Remember The Milk which is more sophisticated in terms of multiple features. On the other, Teux Deux represents more simplicity. For teams and professionals, Remember The Milk would be a great choice as it allows you to experience diversified options. For personal users, try the Teux Deux app and start from the basics of organizing things. You can refer to this post that we reviewed earlier on ‘The Best To-Do List Apps’ to find out more. Please share, comment and subscribe for more cool software reviews!


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