The 5 Best Planning and Scheduling Software

The 5 Best Planning and Scheduling Software

Running a business is really a big responsibility and gets hectic at times. Business owners and managers are busy with the endless meetings, inventory issues, and customer services to grow as a business by putting a good impression in the targeted market. These duties carry away the managers and business owners to take care of low-grade duties and responsibilities like employee scheduling.

Manual employee scheduling is definitely a time-consuming task that it can keep you away from handling more pressing issues at hand. That is why almost every other business looks out for scheduling and planning software that would automate menial duties.

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There is hundreds of software available in the market but it gets really difficult to choose one that would fit your employee capacity and business niche. We have gathered a list of top 5 scheduling and planning software that you would want to consider. Read below:

Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling

The founder of Acuity Scheduling, Gavin Zuchlinski developed the application to help his mom with her massage therapy business in 2006. She was really messed up between dealing the clients and attending to the phone calls. The application really helped his mother to deal with phone roulette.

Now, over 50,000 businesses across the globe are using Acuity Scheduling to book, cancel or reschedule appointments automatically with their clients and customers. When it comes to schedule logistics and appointments worldwide, Acuity Scheduling is the top choice of businesses. The application is titled as a dang online scheduler for its efficient logistic handling and automatic appointment booking.

Moreover, Acuity Scheduling can be integrated with a lot of other applications including QuickBooks, FreshBooks, WordPress, GoToMeeting, Mail Chimp, GoDaddy, Square, Google Analytics, Squarespace, Stripe, Zapier, and PayPal. You can also get the API of the application to make necessary changes to fit your needs.


The salient features of Acuity Scheduling are as below:

  • Snapshot of Revenue. View a snapshot of paid and unpaid appointments. You can break them down by a number of appointments, time spent and services.
  • Customize. You can also customize the application to match your business’s existing look.
  • Embed Calendar. Embed calendar right on your website for your customers to book an appointment and schedule logistics without any hassle.



Appointy was originally a solution outsourcing company and in 2009, they became a proper company to provide SaaS-based booking solutions. Now, over 65,000 business use Appointy to accept appointments over the phone.

Moreover, Appointy helps to grow any business by taking care of social media announcements, discounts, and reviews. Their recent update contains new features like animated effects, customizable email designer and the ability to use add-ons with services.

You can get the services in four pricing plans: Free, Pro, Business & Enterprise. The company claims to benefit all kind of businesses with the best appointment booking.


The notable features of Appointy include:


  • Allow or disallow appointments through social medias
  • Adjust your staff’s business hours
  • Customize customer experience: allow only customers with phone and e-mails verified and more
  • Change the template of customer’s email
  • Include add-ons to service offerings


  • Consecutive booking
  • Recurring and group booking
  • Client verification to stop fake bookings
  • Drag and drop rescheduling


  • Open ID login
  • Alerts for calls, emails, and texts
  • Automatic categorization of customer as “New” and “Inactive”
  • Mark and track customer attendance

Time Camp

Time Camp

Time Camp is a combination of time tracking and billing & invoicing features. This is a complete solution that offers you different time entry notes and computer activities that include time tracking and away time detection.

The software distinguishes from other time tracking apps because of its feature of advanced reporting; giving you the possibility to choose between different time tracking reports, filters and even the ability to export the reports into different formats.

Timesheets, mobile time tracking and desktop time tracking are the three services offered by Time Camp and are reinforced with billing, budgeting, and invoicing features.

Features Overview

  • Time Entry Notes
  • Graphical Timesheets
  • Customer support
  • Timer
  • Exporting
  • Five types of Reporting
  • Sharing
  • Filtering
  • Away Time Detection
  • Time Entry Time-to-Time
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Integrations
  • Quotes
  • Unlimited Hierarchy
  • Automatic Time Tracking with Rules and Keywords
  • Offline Access
  • Invoicing Synchronization
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Desktop and Mobile App
  • Task Synchronization
  • Billing Rates per Employee
  • Tracking Time Directly in Software
  • To-Dos
  • Budgeting
  • Online Payments
  • API
  • Billing Rates per task
  • Tracking Open
  • Email Reminders
  • Billing Rates per Project
  • People Synchronization
  • Multi-currency support
  • Invoice based on Project hours
  • Custom Taxes



Geniebelt is specifically developed to be a construction management system which is used by a variety of small and large businesses. The advanced Gantt Chart is the amazing feature that makes Geniebelt a unique software compared to all of its competitors in the market.

Free plan of Geniebelt can be used as the single-project manager offering all the basic features to let users know how efficient it is. The transition to premium plan is actually painless and helps small and enterprise businesses to manage their tasks, automate field and service management and provides a great corporate communication channel where employees share files and collaborate.

The main benefit of GenieBelt is that it helps to cut time and expenses, and which has been established by the leading brands around the world that are utilizing it. The mobile app comes in handy to deal with the professional field services, segregate projects and let users share and communicate from remote areas.

Features Overview

  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Gantt Chart Display
  • Document Sharing
  • Real-Time Activity Feed
  • Automated Drawing Control
  • Project Summary Export
  • Fast and Effective Collaboration
  • Document Revision Tracking
  • Microsoft Project Integration
  • Project Files
  • Audit Trails
  • Live Project Views
  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Tailored Support
  • Account Manager
  • Management Reporting
  • Percentage of Task Completion


planday hr management software

Planday is leading software in the employee scheduling category containing all the functions to perform employee management in a systemized way. The software, Planday is all about empowering management and the employees at the same time; listing overview of punch clock, shift swaps, and work schedules.

For employees to check-in & check-out, advanced payroll export feature is also available. Through this, managers don’t have to worry about keeping a track of employee’s work hours and pay out.

With the modern templates, it eliminates the need of keeping a record on regular spreadsheets that can be tough. The software is so effective that it can help reduce the time spent on employee scheduling up to 75 percent. Business owners understand that manual scheduling is time-consuming, which is why they prefer Planday.

The application is available in two pricing plans: Starter plan starting at 2€/user per month & Plus Plan in 4€/user per month.

Features Overview

  • Easy Employee Scheduling
  • Add time tracking for 1€/user per month
  • Absence and Vacation
  • Schedule Templates
  • Centralized Employee data
  • Cost tracking of the salaried employees
  • Employee Communications Integrations
  • Location-specific clock-in
  • Overtime and Lieu tracking
  • Shift swaps, approvals, and bids
  • Contracts with electronic signatures
  • Free telephone support
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Cost tracking of Hourly employees
  • Scheduling Rules
  • Document Storage
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Salary Supplements
  • Payroll Export

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