Top 10 Best Tools to Take Screenshots

Best screen capture tools

Screenshots have revolutionized the whole information sharing process. From textual content to step-to-step guides, screenshots make it easier to share information. It’s an easy way to communicate with an audience more effectively. Moreover, readers also prefer screenshots over lengthy text-based content.

Screenshots come in handy while creating step-by-step instructions and how-to guides related content. Readers prefer to understand the conceptual background about any subject before they start analyzing the information.

Moreover, screenshots are a great help when you need evidence for curbing cyber crime. After all, victims of abuse on Social Media need something to prove their claim. Apart from its novel uses, screenshots work as a utility for professionals to a great extent. Most of the non-tech savvy professionals can take screenshots of their technical diagrams, flowcharts, graphs and maps which would be time-consuming to create on a computer from scratch. Hence, using screenshots saves a lot of time.

Because of the enormous benefits of screenshots, several companies offer screen capturing tools. Some of them are old-fashioned with minimum features while some are new with modern features. You must know your “capturing needs” before you go out to find the best screen capturing application. If you’re looking for good way to capture screenshots , we have gathered a detailed description of some top-notch tools. You can compare the features and pick the one that is easy-to-use and helps you in the best way.

Just to let you know, the list contains all the kings of screen capturing kingdom. Read the description of each application that is available below to crown the one that is going to rule your screen capturing needs.



SnagIt is an advanced screen capturing application that is far removed from the classic Print Screen School. Snagit helps you with both screenshots and grabbing frames from video. It gives you the option to either capture your entire screen or regions of it. The application can capture images from objects that are larger in size than the display.

The robust profile system distinguishes it from all other screenshot capturing applications. You can create profiles for each capture technique: whether you want single shots to be captured, you want to screencast a video, or want the screenshot to be uploaded automatically . You would create a different profile for each screen technique.

The built-in editor of SnagIt allows you to annotate your screenshots and add basic effects. You can also search for your screenshots with date, name, and tag. The Screenshot organizer is best for people who take several screenshots per day.



GreenShot is a lightweight and basic screen capturing tool designed for Windows. With GreenShot, you can take screenshots of a selected region, your entire screen, a particular window or a full web page. The good thing about the application is that it lets you capture your screen while you’re scrolling through pages.

GreenShot allows you to annotate and highlight your captured screenshots. The drawback of GreenShot is that it doesn’t automatically upload your images to your image hosting websites or send in an e-mail. You have to do that manually.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is the best tool to take screenshots available for Windows 7, Windows Vita, and Windows XP Tablet Edition. It’s simple and easy-to-use with all the basic functionality of capturing the whole screen, user-specified capturing and single window capturing.

However, it’s not a tool for high-powered screen capturing. It’s a basic screen capturing tool suitable for everyone. Other than just screen capturing, you can highlight and add text to your screen captures.

Snipping Tool is the best alternative to screen print and then copy and paste in other photo editing software. You don’t need any other screen capturing tool if you have Snipping Tool installed on your PC and your capturing needs are minimal.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture application is lightweight and more responsive than any other screen capturing tool. FastStone Capture has a small user interface in which there is a capturing workhorse.

FastStone Capture can capture multiple windows, multi-level menus, and regions. Right after the capture is completed, it gives you the option to upload your screenshot to an FTP server, e-mail it to you or embed the files into a Word or PowerPoint presentation.

With the FastStone screencasting tool, you can also input audio into your screenshots and make it a small video. You can also add captions for the multiple screenshots the application has taken automatically. It’s the best way to make your multiple screenshots a snap.

The color picker is another useful feature that allows you to do color sampling. You can get this handy application in just $20 for your Windows operating systems.



Jing and Snagit are the two screenshot tools produced by the software company TechSmith. Jing helps you to share your screen captures as soon as possible. As soon you install Jing and set-up your account, you can set your Jing application to upload your screen captures to Flickr or your YouTube account.

After setting up Jing, the whole process of capturing and sharing your screenshots or screencasts is done within a matter of seconds. The application would only require your instructions to begin the capturing process and then you can forget about the rest. It’s so effective that it won’t miss a single shot or a single upload.

Jing comes in two packages: 1) free 2) Pro. The only drawback in using free version is that your screen captures or screencasts will have Jing branding on it. But, if you pay $15 a year, you can remove the branding from your screenshots and screencasts. The Pro version also allows you to record your screencasts in MPEG and Flash formats, which makes it easy for you to add YouTube videos.


Skitch is a sibling to Jing when it comes to uploading your screenshots and screen captures to the hosting websites. It’s only available for Mac. Skitch uses its own hosting site that is With Skitch, you can capture your screen, annotate it and draw on it using the built-in stylish graphics.

Once your screenshots are ready, uploading and sharing it online is as easy as saving a file to your computer’s hard drive. If you don’t want to use to host your screenshots, you can choose your personal FTP, Flickr or MAC account.

The interface of Skitch is user-friendly, and it gives you all the editing functions laid out around your screen capture screen, making it easier for you to find the tool you need.

Tiny Take


Tiny Take is a Microsoft Windows product that allows you to take screenshots and record videos of your computer screen. It also offers you to upload your videos to Cloud storage and get a shareable URL after copying to clipboard.

Tiny Take lets you add comments, store screen captures & videos and annotate screenshots. The application is entirely free; just install it and it’s ready to go.

Easy Capture

Easy Capture is another basic screen capturing application that allows you to capture screenshots in various modes like scrolling window, full screen, active window and fixed rectangle. It’s best for basic capturing needs for professionals and newbie users.

The application comes with some basic editing tools like erasing, crop, zoom, add text, lining, and rectangle. Other notable features include adjusting colors and applying basic effects. Easy Capture is absolutely free which means you don’t have to pay for any subscription.


PicPick is a modern screen capturing tool that allows you to take screenshots of an active window, regions of your screen, entire screen, and a scrolling window. The best thing about PicPick is that it integrates with EverNote, Twitter, Google Drive, Facebook, and Dropbox, so you can share your screenshots instantly.

PicPick is actually more than just screen capturing application because it offers you image editor, pixel editor, whiteboard, color picker, crosshair, and color palette. You only get the additional tools in the premium version. The free version is just a basic screen capturing tool.


The last in the list of Top 10 best Tools to make screenshots is ShareX, a modern screen capturing and screen recording tool. With ShareX, you can capture a screenshot or record a video in different modes like full screen, monitor, rectangle, window, polygon and much more.

With the built-in uploading feature, you can upload your screenshots and videos instantly to hosting sites and get a shareable URL link. The ShareX application allows you to annotate, add effects, watermark and print your screenshots and videos.

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