Top 17 Startup Blogs to Watch in 2017

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This article is for all the startup entrepreneurs who want to start a business but don’t have enough information. There are hundreds of experts and advisors that provide useful information regarding business ideas, business plans, market research, marketing strategies, and successful operations.

Every business owner dreams of running the most successful business ever. However, most startups don’t work well because the owners lack the required knowledge to effectively operate in the market.

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Let us take you on a tour of all the informative and inspirational blogs that will help you to start up your business and also help you to increase its growth exponentially.

1. PredictableRevenue.Com

Predictable Revenue Book

This website founded by Aaron Ross, the writer of award-winning and bestselling book “Predictable Revenue”, is helping new entrepreneurs to increase their sales revenue by three times. SalesForce.Com is the first company to use their effective strategies to actually triple their recurring revenue.

Aaron Ross has introduced “Cold Calling 2.0” framework to help businesses jump right onto the list of top businesses in the area. Their claim of “turning the business into a sales machine” is justified by taking SalesForce.Com’s sales revenue up to 100 million USD (Three times more than what it was before following the Predictable Revenue’s strategies).

There are hundreds of blogs available on the website that help business owners take control over their business growth by showing them how they can establish a lead generation system with the ability to generate a beneficial flow of qualified leads.

No matter how big or small your business is, you can benefit from the outstanding system of developed framework which is scalable and will grow with your business. The book “Predictable Revenue” is awarded as a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

The framework developed by PredictableRevenue.Com is helping businesses across North America, Asia, and Europe. All kind of businesses, no matter small or big, a million dollar or a billion dollar business, are becoming more successful. To begin with, the website provides you a few blogs to read. You can read the details on the “About Us” page.

2. Shopify.Com


Shopify is the first online store that provides commerce solutions to 300,000+ business across the globe. Their commerce platform is hassle-free and gives great value to your products or services. With the Shopify platform, you can focus on selling your products and manage all aspects of your business – from products to selling to customers.

If you want to sell your products or you already have a store, you can easily manage your products online or in a retail store. You only need to contact Shopify on their website or signup for a 14-day free trial. You can try out the platform for free before making up your mind to purchase it.

The online platform includes Retail eCommerce, Mobile commerce, Online store, eCommerce hosting, eCommerce software, Shopping cart and store builder. You can use all these features to present your products in the market without much hassle.

3. Entrepreneurs-Journey.Com

Entrepreneurs Journey

Founded by Yaro Starak, EntrePreneurs-Journey.Com is a complete business model for anyone who’s looking for a decent income. Yaro is helping thousands of people to make a million dollar business through blogging.

Yaro’s business model consists of three steps: start a blog, develop an email newsletter and sell your own digital products. If you’re tired of your job, your business isn’t giving you good revenue or you’re just unemployed, you can log on to their website and follow the simple steps to start a blog and start earning through blogging.

You’re definitely going to find something worth your time. There are hundreds of “graduate bloggers” that are earning thousands of dollars every month. You can be the next in line. Try your luck.

4. Moz.Com


Moz.Com is a website that offers SEO and local marketing solutions. There are different products and tools available online to help businesses optimize their websites according to the search engines, especially Google. Also, the local marketing solutions will help you to reach potential customers in your area.

The Moz Blog contains hundreds of blog posts that will help businesses to level-up their SEO and local marketing skills. Browse the website to get details, and uncover the hidden secrets to growing your business and enhancing your marketing skills.

You will find blog posts from different entrepreneurs, doctors, and SEO experts who are providing their best knowledge to help grow your business. Visit the website and start learning!

5. HubSpot.Com


Hubspot.Com is a leading website that offers inbound marketing and sales solutions. HubSpot’s free CRM is helping hundreds of business across the globe to manage their employees, customer, revenue and prospected customers in one place.

The free CRM helps you to close more deals with less input. You only need a business domain name and you can register for the CRM.

Their all-in-one marketing strategy is helping hundreds of businesses to reach out to prospects without hassle, giving you more power and support. For all those business owners or managers who are struggling with their business marketing and sales strategies, HubSpot.Com should be your first stop.


6. FreshBooks.Com


FreshBooks.Com blog features different posts from small and large business owners for inspiration. You can also find tips regarding taxes, budgeting, cash flow, and business loans.

FreshBooks.Com’s blog also features marketing tips by different marketing experts working for larger businesses. All this information will help you to boost your business sales and help you to understand the the value of money in your area.

If you’re a marketing manager or a business owner, this blog is specifically for you to improve your business sense.

7. CoElevate.Com


Founded by Brian Balfour, CoElevate.Com is a blog that focuses on growth and user acquisition. You will find detailed essays by Brian Balfour, The CEO at ReForge.Com.

No matter what your business niche is, you can follow his thorough and actionable posts to build a growth machine. There are a number of top websites like Forbes and Hacker Monthly that have featured Brian. He’s one of the top guys to help understand growth marketing to hundreds of businesses worldwide.

You can visit the blog and read the detailed essays and learn about the growth marketing and social networks.

8. WorkAwesome.Com


WorkAwesome.Com is a blog for people who really want to be happy and awesome while they’re working. It’s really important to be awesome at the work you’re passionate about.  If you’re in any profession, from music to teaching, lawmaking to freelance business, the blog will help you to take the first step, manage the work, and emerge as a successful person.

There are thousands of useful articles available that are filled with informative content which will help any individual to become “awesomely productive.”

The blog gets over half a million visitors per month. People from over 180 countries are benefitting from the useful content available on the website.

9. 500.Co

500 Startups

500.Co is a firm that invests in top businesses based on their potential growth and they’ve grown big within 6 years. The company manages 300 Million USD in committed capital.

The 500.Co blog is all about helping the businesses that are making their first foray into the market. No matter what the business niche is, the 500.Co blog has hundreds of blog posts that are beneficial for individuals preparing a startup.

You can read their inspirational, fortune-making story on their website.

10. Joel.Is


Joel.Is is the personal blog of Joel Gascoigne, owner of Buffer, which is designed to advertise on your social networks at the same time. Joel is working hard to take Buffer to #1 in the world. Joel.Is is where he shares all his experiences to help new business owners to go through a smooth startup.

You will find hundreds of posts that contain different information and guidelines about how to make a startup and become a successful businessman.

Joel also spends time with business owners who call-up for an appointment during his working hours. Read the blog and learn ideas that you may not know, and that would be helpful to start a smooth business.

11. KissMetrics.Com


KissMetrics.Com realizes that marketers are an asset for a company’s growth. They design all kind of campaigns to reach out to potential prospects.

KissMetrics.Com blog is helping all those new managers to be effective by providing them new strategies and techniques. The blog is about making all the marketers rise above the regular methods and use smarter ways to grow their business and use timely customer interactions.

KissMetrics.Com covers marketing solutions to optimize and track digital marketing.

12. Intercom.Com


Intercom.Com is a blog that helps businesses to understand the importance of customer support, design a better strategy, build up a marketing plan, and effectively perform product management.

There are hundreds of blog posts available on the website to help improve all aspects of your business to ensure 100% growth.

If you’re about to start a new business or your newly started business isn’t giving you satisfactory results, then you must visit this website and read the helpful articles by top marketers, entrepreneurs and managers.

13. StartupProfessionals.Com

Startup Professionals

StartupProfessionals.Com blog is a library of ideas and business models for start-up professionals. There are several articles on the website that focus on mentoring of newly started businesses.

Moreover, you will also see different blogs that talk about business networking to incorporate a business successfully. The details regarding legal and national rules and regulations are also discussed, so young entrepreneurs can understand how a business model will work within a selected area.

Also, the blog discusses the operational issues and provides a better solution to deal with some common issues.

14. OkDork.Com


OkDork.Com is the personal blog of Noah Kagan. He’s dedicated to providing useful information regarding startups, self-exploration, and marketing.

Noah Kagan is known for his marketing skills and he has tried to deliver all the information regarding how to persuade people and talk them into buying your product. Also, he focuses on how to deal with depression while you’re working. Depression can slow down your work pace and also make it less effective.

If you’re about to start a business, Noah Kagan’s blog is going to help you with great business ideas and teach you how to grow your e-mail list to more than 20 thousand people.

15. FourHourWorkWeek.Com


Founded by Tim Ferriss, the blog is full of the content that is going to help you become a smart worker rather than a hard worker.

Tim focuses on spending less time and still getting the maximum results out of business plans. As evident from his book “The 4-hour Workweek”, which is sold in 25 languages and is ranked as a #1 bestseller on the New York Times Bestseller List.

He has also written other books that focus on working just 4 hours and get the results of a full 35 hour work week. He also emphasizes human abilities and smartness, and explains how we can dig into ourselves and become better and work smarter.

If you want to be a smart worker, FourHourWorkWeek.Com is the top recommendation.

16. Close.Io

The blog

Close.Io is a top sales platform which helps hundreds of people across the globe to close more deals than usual. There are different blog posts that help startup entrepreneurs to develop strong marketing plans and increase sales volume.

The website offers a premium built-in calling and automatic e-mail tracking system which is helping businesses to focus on their products and how to sell them, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Close.Io blog features posts that can help you understand market growth and customer response, bridging the gaps between sales and social, increasing your market value, and emerging as a successful business.

17. BothSidesoftheTable.Com

Both Sides of the Table

BothSidesoftheTable.Com’s blog is known for giving away startup lessons to young entrepreneurs. They not only emphasize the upfront ventures but also provide information to assess human potential.

Without understanding human potential, we can’t become better business owners, and that’s where BothSidesoftheTable.Com’s blog fill the gap. It enlightens us with how enchanting our mind is and what it’s capable of doing.

You can also read about business ideas, community involvement, marketing strategies, sales increase, and customer engagement.

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