Top 5 Email Marketing Tools to Build a Constant Flow of Repeat Customers

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Ignoring the need and value of returning customers is a common mistake that marketers make because they are busy focusing on new customers and their acquisition costs. It’s a mistake to undervalue the people who helped them to build their business in the first place.

Most of the powerful businesses in the world focus on their repeat customers which helps them to earn huge profits. Do you know that returning customers helped the world’s top businesses to make a significant increase of 25% – 40% in their profit? Yes, that’s right!

Moreover, the businesses had to invest one-third the amount of resources in reaching out to the existing purchasers. Therefore, returning customers are known as the “anchors of an unstable business”. E-mail marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest way to reach out existing customers.

There are hundreds of e-mail marketing tools available on the market to help businesses grow. We have gathered a list of the top 5 e-mail marketing tools that any marketer will want to try out.

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get response

Getresponse provides you an All-in-one Online Marketing tool through which you can grow your business. In addition to this, Getresponse gives you a marketing automation system. It automates the purchaser’s journey based on their behavior and demands. The e-mail campaigns that you design with the Getresponse application will look compelling on any device.

Moreover, the tool allows you to build and publish alluring and captivating landing pages for your customers. The webinar feature provides you insights on your sales along with ways to increase conversion rate.


  • Getresponse is a cheaper e-mail marketing tool than most of its competitors offering similar products.
  • Getresponse’s comprehensive split testing and reporting features are quite powerful.
  • The free trial is available for 30 days to enjoy all the features prior to purchasing the premium plan.
  • You also get the phone support feature.


  • You get few templates of RSS-to-HTML e-newsletter.
  • The pricing structure is very confusing for customers who want to buy a premium


Aweber is an e-mail marketing tools that allow you to import and host an email database. You get a wide range of templates with the tools to make the landing page more attractive. Moreover, you can also create an “autoresponder” for the customers replying back to the emails.

The reporting feature allows you to keep track of your customers and their purchasing history. The best thing about the tool is that you can get the email, live chat, and phone support anytime you need. In addition to this, responsive email designs allow you to attract as many customers as possible.


  • The price is reasonable – if compared with competitors – offering similar features.
  • You can integrate Aweber with a wide range of applications and tools.
  • Reporting features are strong.
  • Creating segments is easy no matter if you use both field contents and user activity.


  • There are many outdated templates.
  • The “autoresponder” feature is just basic.


best email marketing tool

MailChimp is a complete e-mail marketing platform through which you can create your online store on the server and start selling your products. Not only this, but the platform provides you with the features of advertising on social media networks, especially Facebook advertising.

Moreover, you get the ability to automate your marketing workflow while removing the tasks from your to-do-lists. It helps in reaching out to the right people. The reports feature on the MailChimp platform shows you the ways to improve your sales by analyzing customer behavior and sale habits.

The best thing about this tool is that you use it without spending a single penny. A free sign-up is all you need to begin with your first e-mail marketing campaign.


  • The free plan is suitable for small businesses to plan a good email marketing strategy.
  • Integration with a wide range of third-party applications and tools.
  • Built-in editor and templates to modify campaigns


  • Free plan doesn’t come with auto-responder
  • No real-time reporting

Active Campaign

active campaign

Just like Getresponse, Active Campaign also claims to be an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you grow your business and reduce time consumption. It is an email marketing tool that comes with an easy and friendly newspaper feature. You can create and edit attractive email campaigns with Active Campaign. In addition to this, marketing automation is another beautiful feature to create marketing channels using data fetched through customer past history and behaviors.

The sales & CRM feature allows you to generate maximum leads and close deals quicker than before. Active Campaign helps you to build new and better relations with customers through their appraised e-mail campaigns.


  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Via Zapier Integration, you can combine it with multiple third party applications and tools (Zapier is paid subscription).
  • No upfront setup and available at affordable price of $9 per month.


  • CRM interface isn’t as beautiful and contemporary as compared to the main interface.
  • No built-in integration feature.



ConvertKit is one of the most affordable e-mail marketing tools available on the market. The Email Marketing software uses a tag system. You can tag important information and segment whenever you want. In addition to this, the tool makes it easy for even a non-technical person to use the platform. You can input custom data into any forms to make them look extremely appealing.

With a little research, you can start using ConvertKit in few minutes. It’s simple to create a form, broadcast your content, create courses to auto respond emails, add tags, and apply automation.


  • Interactive landing pages with the ability to customize – so you can give them the look of your choice
  • Email courses (auto responders) are functional and responsive – people receive a quick auto response.
  • ConvertKit offers you with simplified statistics of customers and sales.


  • ConvertKit doesn’t provide any free trial to their customers – giving no option to try out the tool before paying for the premium.


All the tools discussed above have certain pros and cons. ConvertKit and Active Campaign are suitable for small and medium-small businesses. However, big businesses recommend MailChimp and Aweber as they have a good history of providing effective marketing solution to businesses. Getresponse is the all-round tool when it comes to business level based on their capital and human resource (It fits every bill).

However, if you wish to use one of the 5 tools, you must try their trial period to make an informed decision.

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