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best evernote alternatives

Are you tired of using EverNote and want to find a better alternative? We will provide you with the best options here to try on Windows OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac. There’s no doubt that EverNote is one of the best software applications that provides the professional tools to take notes digitally. It allows you to clip web pages to notes, add notebooks and to synchronize your notes across multiple devices.

EverNote is the top option in note-taking but it’s not entirely free. You have to pay for a subscription to enjoy advanced level features.

So we have gathered a list of a few of the best alternatives that you could consider when looking for a substitution for EverNote. The top 5 alternatives are mentioned below:

Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

Microsoft OneNote is a Microsoft product for note-taking. It’s the best alternative to Evernote available on the market. You can get it with the complete Office Suite and it’s also available as a stand-alone product.

Microsoft OneNote has similar functions to Evernote like web clipper, notebooks, tags, pages and note search. However, there are several features that are much better than Evernote like handwriting, a cleaner interface, mathematical functions input and drawing input which are designed to increase the user’s productivity.

One advantage that Microsoft OneNote has over Evernote is that all of the features are entirely free. This means that you don’t have to pay for any advanced features or to use it to upload your notes to your OneDrive. Evernote does come free with basic features but you have to pay for the subscription to use all of the available features.


Developed by Automattic (Original developers of WordPress), SimpleNote is another useful alternative to Evernote. The best thing about SimpleNote is that it’s simple and easy to learn. Just like its name, SimpleNote is a program suitable for people who want to keep their notes in a simple format.

The program only supports textual notes which can be shared and synchronized across multiple devices including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, MAC and also accessed on a web-based server. SimpleNote also works best on Linux, Android smartphones, and Mac.

You can synchronize SimpleNote with third-party applications like nValt and National Velocity.

Unlike EverNote, you can search your existing notes on your smartphone app without an Internet connection. However, the Internet is needed to use SimpleNote on the web-based client.

You won’t lose any of your notes with the SimpleNote app because it offers you a note history option. You can also revert back to a previous version of a note and retrieve either full notes or some parts of the notes. Also, deleted notes can also be retrieved by restoring them from “Trash” section of the app.

The only drawback is that SimpleNote takes a longer time to process the notes that are more than a thousand words. So, the app recommends creating shorter notes.

Google Keep

 google keep

Here’s another outstanding alternative to EverNote; Google Keep. With Google Keep, you will be getting the minimal interface that is based on Google’s Material design. It’s quite simple, easy to understand and get familiar with, which is another thing that makes Google Keep better than EverNote.

The best thing about Google Keep is that you can add text, voice recordings, attach pictures and checkboxes to your notes and archive them. The Google Keep is available for Android, Chrome Browser, iOS, the Web and Android Wear so anyone can read or edit their notes from a smartwatch.

The best features of Google Keep include checkbox list notes, color codes and time or location based reminders. With Keep, you don’t have to remember your day-to-day tasks because it will remind you at the right time and at the right location after set a reminder.

With Google Keep, you can make notes with check-marks for a shopping list. This eliminates the risk of missing any item or task on your list.

Letter Space


When it comes to finding an alternative for iOS and Mac, Letter Space is the best option. Letter Space makes it easier to create notes with its simplistic interface. The feature that distinguishes Letter Space from its competitors is that you can use #hash tags and @mentions to easily search through your notes. The program will automatically index and group your notes.

Not only this, you can also search your notes with a Full-Text feature in case you forgot to add hashtags. Letter Space also supports Asian languages, and has since the beginning.

The drawback is that Letter Space doesn’t support adding images, PDF’s or other media files. Also, there’s no web-based portal available. You need to download the app on your Mac and iPhones.

Letter Space does allow you to synchronize across iOS and MAC and gives you the option to export your notes to HTML or PDF in Mac.

Letter Space isn’t a freeware app and you can purchase it for $4.99 for iPhones and $9.99 for your Mac devices. You have to pay for the themes also. It’s like a donation for each theme you use that would keep Letter Space’s development sector functional.

Fetch Notes


Fetch Notes is similar to Letter Space and is another interesting alternative to EverNote. Just like Letter Space, you can fetch your notes with hashtags but you don’t have to add hashtags to every note. Fetch Note will automatically add every note to a hashtag index rather than you adding a hashtag yourself.

Fetch Notes is available for iOS, Android, and a web-based portal. You can add notes via text, e-mail or through their Chrome Extension.

The best thing about Fetch Notes is that you will receive a notification whenever your friends or co-workers share a note with you, or edit a shared note. You’re always in sync with the contacts you’ve shared notes with.

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