Which is a Better Scheduling Software, PlanDay or When I Work?

planday vs when i work

It is important to do employee scheduling no matter if you have a small or a big business. Managers create employee schedules in small businesses, while HR managers perform employee scheduling in the big organizations. For efficient and productive operations, a well-planned schedule is required.

You unintentionally demoralize your employees by not providing a proper schedule. Because when they don’t know what to do, it’s going to affect their skills and ability to get work done. By not providing a proper schedule, you’re affecting the career growth of your employees which isn’t good for a business in the long run.

Employee scheduling is a necessary thing for a business’s growth. Manual employee scheduling is a hectic job and time-consuming, which is why there is employee scheduling software available on the market. Employee scheduling software reduces the amount of time spent on manual scheduling.  Moreover, they provide you with additional features to keep a better check on employee scheduling.

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Today, we are going to provide you a comparison between two of the top employee scheduling applications: Planday and When I Work. Both Planday and When I Work are market leaders and are known for their efficient employee scheduling solutions. If you’re looking for which is the better option among these two, then you’re in the right place. Find out all the unique features and functionality of each application below.


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Planday is an employee scheduling tool that empowers both managers and employees to perform more efficiently within an organization. Through a shared platform, the application provides you with an overview of punch clock, shift swaps and work schedules for your whole team.

Planday makes it easier to keep a track of employee’s check-in and check-out through the work-time clock feature. The advanced payroll export feature allows you to determine your employee’s salary based on the number of hours worked.

In addition to that, Planday enables you to perform employee schedule management with automation, modern templates, and no spreadsheets. With Planday, you can save up to 75% of the time spent on manual employee scheduling.

Employee scheduling is an often hectic process for managers that results in a slow-down of administrative tasks. Also, shift swaps and vacation requests become overwhelming for management. Planday is a complete solution providing autonomy to the employee to some extent and still giving full control to the business owner and managers.

With Planday, it’s not difficult to keep an eye on an employee’s availability. The Drag and Drop feature enables managers to make instant changes in the schedule for shift swap requests. Not only this, but Planday also allows managers to track shift swaps, vacation approvals, employee work hours, payroll and employee communication.

Features Overview

  • Add time tracking for $1.00 per month per user
  • Centralized Employee data
  • Employee Profile
  • Payroll Integration
  • Absence & Vacation Management
  • Timesheets
  • Shift swaps, approvals, and bids
  • Cost tracking – hourly employees
  • Easy Employee Scheduling
  • Location specific clock-in
  • Schedule Templates
  • Overtime and Lieu tracking
  • Cost tracking of employees
  • Scheduling Rules
  • Contracts with electronic signatures
  • Salary supplements
  • Payroll export
  • Free telephone support
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Fully Integrated Employee Communication
  • Document Storage
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Scheduling Rules
  • Salary Supplements


Pricing planday

There are two pricing plans available:

  • Starter Plan (For small businesses)
  • Plus Plan (For Small-Medium Businesses)

The Starter Plan gives you all the basic features of employee scheduling whereas the Plus Plan comes with all the advanced features of employee scheduling. Starter Plan is available for $2.00 per month per user. On the other hand, Plus Plan is available for $4.00 per month per user.

When I Work

When I Work


“When I Work” is time-clock software that empowers business owners and managers to perform employee scheduling for hourly workers. Managers can now create and maintain their employee’s schedules through an online platform rather spending hours with paper or spreadsheets.

As a manager, you can easily add employee lists by importing an Excel or .CSV file and keep track of schedules. The schedule is available for the employees 24/7 and can be accessible through desktop and mobile devices. Managers can inform employees about the update in schedule through social media, a mobile scheduling app or text.

With When I Work, finding a replacement for a scheduled employee who called out sick is a piece of cake. Moreover, shift swaps become an easy job for the employees. They can communicate with another employee within the When I Work platform and manage their vacations, time off, shift swaps, etc.

The TimeClock module allows managers to track employees check-in and check-out time via their computers, mobile devices, and tablets. The Smart Attendance feature notifies managers if an employee hasn’t logged in according to the schedule.

You can integrate payroll with popular payroll software like QuickBooks, ADP, and Gusto. GPS integration allows the manager to see the employee’s location and confirm if it’s the right location an employee is supposed to log in from.

Features Overview

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking
  • FlexTime Tracking
  • Salaried Employee Tracking
  • Automatic Start & Stop
  • Hourly Employee Tracking
  • Sick Leave Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Job Sites
  • Annotations
  • Multiple Locations
  • Shift Acknowledgement
  • Month View


When I Work pricing

When I Work pricing is scalable on a number of users you add in. If you have a small business with up to 5 users, you can get the product for $9 per month. But it gives you just the basic features. You get all the advanced level features when you purchase the product that supports 10 users. The application supporting up to 10 users costs $19 per month. Up to 100 users or employee scheduling costs $99 per month. The product is available for a 30 days trial without any credit card requirement.

The website lists prices for the application that supports up to 100 users. The 100+ users application is categorized as the Enterprise application. If you are running an Enterprise-level business with over 100 users, you’re advised to contact management. The “Contact Us” page is specifically designed for the enterprise-level businesses.

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