Which is a Better Tool to Create Beautiful Logos, Logo Garden or Picmonkey?

Logos are the identity of an establishment. They reflect the brand name to the world. Sometimes simplicity is all in, such as with Google’s logo. Their logo has nothing fancy, just letters and colors. But, if you look closely, you will see the letter ‘e’ at the end is tilted. And the color used in each letter defines a purpose as well. They have carefully thought before creating the logo and used a custom font to create their logo design.

We have noticed the same thing for Coca Cola. The have used plain text and a solid color in their logo design to market their brand. Logos have to be unique and should be eye-catching at the same time. If you design your logo with too many letters, it could be difficult for customers to read and remember.

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Also you need to keep in mind that customers might be using mobile phones or tablets to access your website, so whether your logo design is big or small it should always look good on smaller screens.

If you are a business/website owner and want to design your own logo, here are two software programs that we reviewed which might help you design your new logo like a pro.

1. Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a popular logo creation tool used by many beginners as well as professional logo artists. Over 1,398,003 entrepreneurs used Logo Garden to create their start-up logo design. It is very easy to understand and walks you through step-by-step for logo creation.

Main Features

You can search for symbols, designs or specific items according to your industry and Logo Garden will fetch you sample images which you can use to create your logo around. Upon selection, you will be taken to the designing tool. It is very easy and requires a minimum amount of time.

You can now add text and colors around your logo design. They have a good collection of fonts in their library and you can also upload custom fonts for your letters. This is a very handy feature which other similar apps like Canva or Picmonkey do not allow.

Once you are done designing your new logo, you can save and download it free of charge. Similarly, the app allows you to order marketing materials such as business cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases etc. for a very reasonable price.

They also offer professional logo designing services which you can use anytime you need.


While the original .jpg logo with white background is free, there is a charge to receive the high resolution and .png (transparent background) files. If your website has a colored background or you will need larger logo sizes, you will need these additional hi-res files. That being said, it is only $19.99 for this upgrade. Having ordered several logo designs in the past, this is still extremely reasonable.

2. Picmonkey

Main Features

Picmonkey is fun, easy to use, and free!  You won’t need to download any software as Picmonkey is a browser based online editing tool which only requires a computer and internet. It is completely free and if you require a professional boost, you can upgrade to their premium package for more features and plugins.

Not limited to logo creation, PicMonkey has the best and easiest online photo editor which is very popular among online users. There are many filters and tools which lets you give an amazing touch-up to all of your pictures.


The design function allows you to start with a blank slate instead of starting with a photograph of your own. After that, all of the options are exactly the same, so no need to go through them again!

The design function has built-in templates which you can select to design your very own poster, invitation or business card and of course, logos. Most of the best templates are in the premium version which you need to purchase additionally but I am sure it’s worth every dime.

PicMonkey allows some very helpful features such as: drag and drop, quick resizer, contrast and exposure control, add text, stickers etc. which are available to free and premium users. They have also come up with a mobile app which lets you do your editing or designing on the go.


If you have not used these two software programs, then you don’t know what you are missing! Whatever you decide to choose, I would recommend you to upgrade to premium packages as they are both reasonably priced and worth your money. Even if you are technologically challenged, you will be super impressed by how both of these programs allow you to learn and master the skills in design by spending just a few hours on it.

Do let us know which do you prefer or have used in the past. Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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